I am seeking a year long placement abroad related to my studies and was wondering how I do this?

The answer is YES, absolutely you can! You should speak with your university to clarify their stance on working abroad, but ThirdYearAbroad.com has an entire section for non-linguists who want to work/study abroad - have a look to get some advice. You might also want to have a look at Global...

Dec 2nd 2015, 21:44 | 1 answer

Where do I start looking for work placements and internships?

Hello Vee - when I was looking for internships during my year abroad, my university (Exeter) was really helpful & full of great advice. Maybe talk with the international office at your Uni to see if they have any information/links with companies abroad. Also check out Global Graduates for...

Nov 10th 2015, 1:40 | 1 answer

Advice for finding a one semester work placement?

Hi there,There is no single best way to find a work placement - it varies depending on the country you're heading to and what kind of placement you are looking for. Many students find placements with companies that advertise through UK universities, whilst others use personal contacts.Do you...

Mar 17th 2015, 0:34 | 2 answers

Translation agencies in France - work placements?

You could also check Europe Language Jobs a job board for multilinguals with internship and jobs all across Europe :)

Feb 20th 2015, 9:23 | 1 answer

What job have you done to help you learn a language?

I did a work placement in the South of France - 2 years ago - I found a site called boostyourfrench.com where the owner finds you the placement. I would like to do something like that again.

Jan 27th 2015, 11:49 | 1 answer

Does anyone have any experience of finding a summer job/internship in France and/or Spain that does not involve teaching or au-pairing?

Hi,On my year abroad in France I interned for a company called Madame Vacances, that runs self-catered holiday residences and hotels across France.I worked both at their head office in Chambery, in the HR department, and as a receptionist in one of their hotels in the Alps.If you're interested...

Jan 4th 2015, 20:10 | 1 answer

Can I claim tax back from my wages as an intern in Spain?

To claim back your tax, you have to wait until April/ May time. The government launches its " declaración de la renta" campaign and basically everyone has to fill out a form like we do in the UK.  You'll see adverts on the TV and advertisements for lawyers and accountants who can do it for...

Dec 12th 2014, 12:26 | 1 answer

Does anybody know any good places to start looking for an intership/placement in a French speaking country?

Try searching on letudiant.fr, it's one of the biggest websites for companies advertising internships in France, and you can customise your search to different kinds of work. Make sure you know the difference between 'un job étudiant' which is like a summer job, and a 'stage' which is a work...

Sep 7th 2014, 14:18 | 2 answers

Has anyone participated in the Leonardo Programme?

Hi there!The Leonardo Programme is a great way to find a work placement in another European country. If you're a recent graduate and interested in working abroad, it's definitely worth researching further!If you would like to learn more, check out the section on ThirdYearAbroad.com dedicated to...

Aug 14th 2014, 16:12 | 2 answers

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