Advice on Italian Summer placements/schools?

Hey! I worked in Italy last summer and would definitely HIGHLY recommend the company I worked for - but I was teaching English and unless you actively seek it the Italian exposure can be relatively low... Is this a problem? If you want to know more visit or ask me!

Mar 17th 2016, 14:12 | 1 answer

Is there leniency with your end date for British Council?

I'd recommend looking up school holidays in Germany first (assuming you haven't already done that) - as if it's anything like the French system they have half terms etc., and it may well be that the 28th February is during a holiday in which case it won't be such a tight turnaround. Otherwise, I...

Mar 17th 2016, 14:01 | 1 answer

Can you pick your IAESTE work placement?

Hi there, Yes, you do get to pick your IAESTE work placement - we wouldn’t expect anyone to do a placement unrelated to their work. You get to choose from our catalogue which highlights all the subjects related to each job.I hope this was helpful!

Feb 16th 2016, 9:53 | 1 answer

Short term placements this year?

Thanks for your question David - the British Council Study Work Create has some amazing short-term opportunities. Here are a few that might be of relevance to you:Generation UK-China - Internships or Scholarships in China.Generation UK-India - Placements in India.You might also want to check out...

Jan 18th 2016, 13:37 | 1 answer

If I work abroad/become a Language Assistant will I fall behind in my 4th year?

Hello - in my opinion you absolutely WON'T fall behind in your 4th year if you decide to work abroad or become a language assistant. You'll find that if you put the effort in, your language skills will improve hugely (perhaps you could spend some time in each of your chosen countries??!) and you...

Jan 5th 2016, 1:49 | 2 answers

How would I go about finding an Erasmus+ work placement in Spain and Portugal?

Hi Sasha, A good place to start your search is Erasmus Intern site, IAESTE, or you could try Eurasmus+. or LEO-NET’s Job Offer Exchange platform (JOE+).I would also suggest that you talk to your careers centre at your university to review your CV to ensure it meets the standard and format of CVs...

Oct 19th 2015, 20:18 | 1 answer

Any advice for renting/banking/living in Geneva?

Hi Hannah,Here are a couple of Mole Diaries for Geneva to get you started!The TYA Team

May 5th 2015, 13:03 | 1 answer

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