Studying at Bologna University?

Hi,Last year I was at Bologna university with Erasmus, and I completely loved it. I'm actually planning on going back to do a Master's in September hopefully! You can email me on with questions etc.Glesni x

Apr 18th 2015, 14:55 | 1 answer

Is it worth me studying in Poland?

Hiya,A Masters degree is a fantastic asset, no matter where you study it. Your language knowledge and international experience will be an additional asset, and make you an attractive prospect to employers, both in the UK and abroad.If you find a Masters course that you're interested in, why not...

Mar 18th 2015, 16:54 | 1 answer

Volunteering on your year abroad?

Hi :)I volunteered in my free time in Spain whilst I was working there as a British Council assistant. I used the website which lists loads of charities looking for help, but a google search should also bring some up if you're going to another country. I then just sent around...

Feb 7th 2015, 15:57 | 1 answer

How much will my Visa to the University of North Florida cost?

There are two fees for getting a USA student VISA - the general VISA application fee and the SEVIS (student specific) application fee. When I paid for both of these last summer it came to 220 GBP.

Jan 28th 2015, 16:13 | 1 answer

Studying at Geneva University?

I spent 5 months at the University of Geneva last year and absolutely loved it! In terms of advice, there are lots of things I can help you out with.First of all, the University is fantastic. They offer a wide range of modules that are very accessible to Erasmus students. The staff are very...

Jan 22nd 2015, 15:45 | 1 answer

How do you feel about a pre-study abroad university mental health assessment to decide your eligibility to go?

I think 'eligibility' is the wrong word here - even if an assessment concludes you are not in a fit state to go abroad, if you are thoroughly determined to go, you should be able to. The experience you have there could be just the sort of thing you need to overcome the issues you are having.That...

Jan 20th 2015, 15:04 | 8 answers

Has a rep. from your uni (tutor, study abroad advisor, etc) visited you on your year abroad? If so, did it make a difference?

I had a YA rep that came to visit me during my time in Spain, and it was such a waste of time meeting up with her. I think it depends on what kind of experience you are having as to whether it would benefit you or not. Also, my university offered support so I knew I had people there that I could...

Jan 20th 2015, 11:58 | 3 answers

Has anyone studied at a French university for their third year abroad?

Hey! I'm currently halfway through my year studying at UPPA (Pau). I'm loving it but a few bits of advice..Expect a lot of paperwork! It is genuinely never ending so try not to get bogged down by it..Pau is a lovely town but it's very small, and so is the uni - fine for me as I'm not a big city...

Dec 6th 2014, 17:22 | 2 answers

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