Should we Brexit or Bremain?

Here is The Economist's background guide to “Brexit” from the European Union for some further reading.

Apr 14th 2016, 11:49 | 1 answer

Is going home for Christmas/Easter refreshing?

Hiya! Most students find their family and friends want them to come home so they can quiz them on all things 'Year Abroad', while you get to touch base and re-stock on home comforts for Part 2 - if you'd rather do your own thing, though, then these articles might help:Christmas abroad: the highs...

Oct 21st 2015, 13:07 | 1 answer

What's the best thing your uni's Erasmus Society has done or organised?

We held a pub crawl where everyone had to dress up as their country :)

Dec 1st 2014, 13:20 | 1 answer

How do you find language-themed activities in the UK?

My university has a group called the 'Language Cafe' where ERASMUS students doing their year abroad in the UK, language students and anyone else come along to practice their languages. You could try searching on Facebook for groups. Meetup is also worth a try.

Sep 11th 2014, 15:41 | 3 answers

How do you adjust back to life in the UK?

You are obviously having a hard time but what you are going through is not uncommon. In fact it's fairly normal, which doesn't, of course, make it any easier to negotiate. The natural tendency is to think of it as a negative experience, something that makes you sad, depressed, frustrated or...

Aug 14th 2014, 10:47 | 3 answers

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