Useful French phrasebooks?

I recently picked up the 4th edition of Penguin's 'French Phrasebook' and I think it's perfect for what you're looking for! It covers every single situation you could find yourself in, especially shops/restaurants/travel.

Jun 14th 2016, 18:54 | 1 answer

Past experience of obtaining the travel grant when parental income is over the 40,000 threshold?

If you already have a student loan/grant from Student Finance England which depends on your household income, then you can apply for a travel grant. Here's more information about eligibility: and here's a handy fact sheet about the...

May 11th 2016, 21:48 | 1 answer

Help with finding an internship in France?

Hello,I know this question is a little old so it's a long shot, but I am just leaving an internship as an au pair/waitress near Aix-en-Provence, so there is a space going. I can offer more information if you're interested.

Apr 14th 2016, 14:58 | 1 answer

Is there any way round paying £40-£50 to doctor for a statement of health required by overseas university for year abroad?

I went to uni in Aberdeen, Scotland and my local doctor stated £20 as the charge for this type of document, however I explained what it was for and left the form with the receptionist. I was never called in for a check-up they just completed it and left it for to collect from reception and the...

Mar 24th 2016, 18:41 | 1 answer

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