Au Pairing experience?

Hi,We have a great au pairing section on our site. This article on au pairing in Italy should be a good start!The TYA Team

Jun 10th 2015, 12:08 | 1 answer

Writing a French and/or Italian CV?

Hiya,We have some great advice on on adapting your CV to apply for jobs internationally.There's this article by a representative from All About Careers and this more specific article on writing your CV in French, amongst many others!You can also check out the advice given by...

Jun 10th 2015, 9:26 | 1 answer

Facebook Groups for Bologna and Geneva?

Hiya,It's unlikely that the universities themselves will set up groups, but why not try searching Facebook for something along the lines of 'Erasmus Bologna' or 'Erasmus Geneva'? There are often more general groups for international students in cities, such as this one.Hope that helps!The TYA Team

Jun 10th 2015, 9:18 | 1 answer

Best advice for homesickness?

Hiya,We've had a great thread on homesickness recently with lots of useful advice that should be helpful, as well as a slightly older thread on the subject.There is also a fantastic article on about doing the year abroad as an introvert.Hope that helps and good luck!The TYA Team

Jun 10th 2015, 9:06 | 2 answers

Any advice about banking in Italy and/or Switzerland?

I took out a Kantonal Bank account here because they were the only ones who took my paper residence permit before my real one came and I needed to open it quickly. I was also told Post Finance are cheap but they wouldn't take my paper permit.KB set me up with a student account with a debit and...

Jun 10th 2015, 8:51 | 2 answers

What can I do about my mobile phone in Bologna and Geneva?

Hiya,Generally the cheapest way is to buy a pay-as-you-go SIM in your year abroad country/ies and keep your UK phone so that you can use all the apps etc when you have wifi.Here are a couple of threads where students have discussed mobile phone providers in Italy.We hope that helps!The TYA Team

Jun 10th 2015, 8:47 | 2 answers

What was the most useful piece of pre-departure advice you received from university staff?

Here is some of the best pre-departure advice students were given by staff before their time abroad, covering practical tips, settling in emotionally, ways to improve language skills, getting to know the local culture, and taking advantage of new opportunities.

May 19th 2015, 13:43 | 1 answer

What career advice have you received from university staff?

Absolutely none. Don't go to Durham if you want careers help from staff, especially for year abroad. The placements are total wank, and if you want to try and find a good one you'll be on your own.

May 19th 2015, 13:41 | 2 answers

What do you wish you'd been told before you left to go abroad?

Here are some students' responses to this question, covering practical advice, avoidances of misunderstandings, not missing out on opportunities, language skills, culture shock, emotional reassurance and leaving :)

May 19th 2015, 13:37 | 1 answer

How do you feel about a pre-study abroad university mental health assessment to decide your eligibility to go?

I think 'eligibility' is the wrong word here - even if an assessment concludes you are not in a fit state to go abroad, if you are thoroughly determined to go, you should be able to. The experience you have there could be just the sort of thing you need to overcome the issues you are having.That...

Jan 20th 2015, 15:04 | 8 answers

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