Best thing to do about mobile phone network for America?

Hi,I would suggest that you buy an american sim card with a monthly rolling contract that includes data etc, when you arrive in the States. it's up to you whether you switch to a simpler phone or not, but there's really no need if you get a sim only contract that includes data.

Jun 2nd 2016, 16:16 | 1 answer

Using a Spanish phone with a UK SIM card?

I think you'd be better off getting a Spanish sim, and just buying an unlocked phone... Dual SIM phones are fab, that's what I used on my YA and it saved the hassle of telling everyone about which number I was on when I came back for the holidays etc 

Mar 29th 2016, 7:05 | 1 answer

French SIM cards??

Hiya,There are a few Q&A sessions relating to this topic on the site that might be useful.What should I do about mobile phones in France?What do people advise when it comes to mobile phones in France?What is the best French phone network to go for?Hope that's helpful!The TYA Team

Aug 12th 2015, 21:53 | 1 answer

What do people advise when it comes to mobile phones in France?

Cheap sim with a good internet package/just stick to wifi. Use Skype, whatsapp and viber for keeping in touch with home. I read recently that roaming charges have just been abolished by the EU. Certainly with Swiss network providers like Swisscom they now offer contracts that don't include...

Jul 15th 2015, 11:14 | 3 answers

What can I do about my mobile phone in Bologna and Geneva?

Hiya,Generally the cheapest way is to buy a pay-as-you-go SIM in your year abroad country/ies and keep your UK phone so that you can use all the apps etc when you have wifi.Here are a couple of threads where students have discussed mobile phone providers in Italy.We hope that helps!The TYA Team

Jun 10th 2015, 8:47 | 2 answers

What should I do about a mobile phone in Australia?

Hi Rebekah,There are various options when it comes to mobile phones.One would be to get your phone unlocked and to get a new SIM card once you're in Australia. Another option would be to renew your UK phone contract, and then buy a cheap handset and PAYG SIM in Australia. That way, you can use...

May 13th 2015, 15:38 | 1 answer

Best phone provider in Spain?

The best one that most people i knew had was the Movistar "Tuenti" sim. Its pay as you go, and uses the social network Tuenti, so you top up via the app. I paid about 10 euros for 250 minutes, and about 500mb of data, and texts came out of the credit. You can always top up extra if you need it...

Jan 18th 2015, 19:30 | 1 answer

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