Summer language courses in Italian/Italy?

The British Institute of Florence do some really good ones in Florence..

May 31st 2016, 18:28 | 1 answer

Advice on Italian Summer placements/schools?

Hey! I worked in Italy last summer and would definitely HIGHLY recommend the company I worked for - but I was teaching English and unless you actively seek it the Italian exposure can be relatively low... Is this a problem? If you want to know more visit or ask me!

Mar 17th 2016, 14:12 | 1 answer

If I work abroad/become a Language Assistant will I fall behind in my 4th year?

Hello - in my opinion you absolutely WON'T fall behind in your 4th year if you decide to work abroad or become a language assistant. You'll find that if you put the effort in, your language skills will improve hugely (perhaps you could spend some time in each of your chosen countries??!) and you...

Jan 5th 2016, 1:49 | 2 answers

Where will I go for my Third Year Abroad studying more than one language?

If your degree is 'Business and Spanish' then usually Spanish should be the priority. If a year abroad is integrated into your degree then a year abroad in Spain or a Spanish-speaking country is obligatory. It's definitely important to keep your Italian ticking over, so why not enrol in some...

Jan 5th 2016, 1:48 | 1 answer

Second country for year abroad?

Hello James - it's probably best to check with your University Languages Department as they will know if something specific is required of you. Most people will undertake an internship or work placement to improve their second study language, but usually it needs to be pre-approved by your...

Dec 15th 2015, 20:41 | 1 answer

Exam system at the University of Bologna (Forli)?

Hiya! I studied for 6 months in Forli in 2014/5 (I had a great time, everyone is very welcoming, you'll make some good friends there!) and at first the exam system didn't make much sense, so don't worry if you take a while to grasp it. Fundamentally you will be studying 4 or 5 modules in a term,...

Nov 30th 2015, 13:51 | 1 answer

Is it possible to both study through Erasmus and work as a British Council English Language Assistant?

For continuity, schools tend to hire assistants for the whole academic year, so unfortunately it's unlikely this will be possible. It is however always worth asking your university's International Office, just to make sure. Have fun on your year abroad :)

Nov 11th 2015, 17:11 | 1 answer

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