What types of insurance will I need?

In the FAQs on the YearAbroadInsurance.com website it says: Q: I have a pre-existing medical condition. Do I need to declare it? Will I be covered by the policy?A: No, you do not need to declare a pre-existing medical condition. The policy is designed to provide the cover and there is no...

Jul 27th 2016, 19:53 | 1 answer

What is assurance habitation and where can I get it?

Hi,yep it's housing and contents insurance. French landlords/property owners tend not to give over the keys or let you sign the lease until you prove you have this insurance. When I lived in France I used AXA, they were fairly cheap but more importantly they were the only ones who let me pay...

May 6th 2015, 18:40 | 1 answer

What do I do about healthcare in Switzerland?

Hi Ceri,It's always advisable to sort out insurance before you leave for your year abroad! There's loads of information on our site that should be able to help.TYA

Feb 9th 2015, 17:36 | 3 answers

Can anyone recommend where to start looking for insurance?

Endsleigh do good insurance, search for Endsleigh Study Abroad cover. Although it's called this it also covers British Council and work placements. I added special gadget insurance for 3 particularly expensive items (phone, laptop, camera), and the price came to £222 for the year, which seems a...

Sep 3rd 2014, 16:42 | 2 answers

What do I do if I have an accident abroad?

Plan ahead to avoid accidents or cope better with their consequences. If you are going to Europe, make sure that you have your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). This is available free online from the relevant government web page (make sure you choose a gov.uk page rather than one which says...

Aug 11th 2014, 17:00 | 2 answers

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