Will I be able to open a bank account in France before I have found and signed for somewhere to live?

Hi Sarah! This article: Which came first, the bank account or the accommodation? might help! :)

Jul 11th 2016, 19:48 | 3 answers

Useful French phrasebooks?

I recently picked up the 4th edition of Penguin's 'French Phrasebook' and I think it's perfect for what you're looking for! It covers every single situation you could find yourself in, especially shops/restaurants/travel.

Jun 14th 2016, 18:54 | 1 answer

We have a holiday home in France and a UK home. Are we entitled to apply for a Carte Vitale and also hold an EHIC?

Hi there,If you were a student asking Do you need both an EHIC and a Carte Vitale for a year abroad in France? - then that link provides the answer!If you're not a student this might be beyond the realm of our remit, so I'm not sure we're the right people to ask! If you have any more info to add...

May 7th 2016, 21:17 | 1 answer

Help with finding an internship in France?

Hello,I know this question is a little old so it's a long shot, but I am just leaving an internship as an au pair/waitress near Aix-en-Provence, so there is a space going. I can offer more information if you're interested.

Apr 14th 2016, 14:58 | 1 answer

Can anyone offer advice for finding accommodation in Lyon?

Hi I'd recommend using AirBnb, there's a section of their website for long-term rentals, so there's both whole-apartment options on there and collocations. You can book something before you arrive and then you only need to give a month's notice, so if it's awful you can just give your notice on...

Mar 28th 2016, 8:05 | 6 answers

Is there leniency with your end date for British Council?

I'd recommend looking up school holidays in Germany first (assuming you haven't already done that) - as if it's anything like the French system they have half terms etc., and it may well be that the 28th February is during a holiday in which case it won't be such a tight turnaround. Otherwise, I...

Mar 17th 2016, 14:01 | 1 answer

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