How do you pick yourself up after a bad experience abroad?

Hiya,We have some fantastic articles on about dealing with challenges on a year abroad and turning the experience into something positive.This article about overcoming a job loss is brilliant, as is this piece about doing a year abroad with a mental illness. This one about...

Jun 28th 2015, 15:08 | 1 answer

Au Pairing experience?

Hi,We have a great au pairing section on our site. This article on au pairing in Italy should be a good start!The TYA Team

Jun 10th 2015, 12:08 | 1 answer

Is there a particularly good website to find au pairing work in Italy?

Hi Beniamino,There is a great article on about au pairing in Italy, which recommends Hope that it's useful!The TYA Team

Apr 5th 2015, 19:41 | 1 answer

Any advice on how to find a short time summer job in Germany?

My solution was au-pairing - you effectively don't have to pay for accommodation or food and you get a (admittedly small) wage too in return for looking after children for a specified number of hours a week.  I did this for 7 weeks one summer in Niedersachsen and really enjoyed it - I had free...

Jan 22nd 2015, 17:40 | 1 answer

What to do for the French part of my Year Abroad?

I don't know if it's too short for what you were thinking of, but to get a bit of time in France during the summer after my year abroad I did a volunteering work camp/chantier with APARE. They're mostly 3 weeks long, and you spend the whole time living/eating/cooking/socialising with the group...

Oct 16th 2014, 21:22 | 2 answers

What are people's experiences of au pairing?

I au paired in Italy and it was a wonderful experience! I highly recommend it if you find a really nice family and you're planning to do it during the summer. I think the reason why there are horrible stories about au pairing is that past au pairs simply didn't expect what the family is liker...

Aug 13th 2014, 13:58 | 2 answers

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