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What's the best option in terms of mobile phones in Italy?

If you change your UK contract to Three, you can use all of your normal texts, minutes and Internet in Italy for no extra charges when contacting the UK or other people abroad on Three, and then just WhatsApp any Italian phone numbers. That's...

Aug 5th 2014, 12:08 | 3 answers

What should I do about mobile phones in France?

Buy a French sim card as soon as you arrive!

Aug 11th 2014, 14:51 | 5 answers

What is the best option in terms of mobile phone contracts in Spain?

Try looking at these websites:

Aug 12th 2014, 8:33 | 4 answers

On my year abroad in Spain, should I get a new Spanish nano-sim for my iPhone or just a new basic Spanish phone?

Try looking at these websites for spanish expats and new arrivals.

Aug 13th 2014, 9:45 | 3 answers

Can I watch BBC iPlayer in Italy?

BBC iPlayer can normally only be watched in the UK, but try downloading the Firefox add-on Hola Unblocker. It's a proxy switcher to unblock regional video restrictions, you can use it to hide which country you are using your computer in. Good luck!

Aug 20th 2014, 8:09 | 5 answers

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