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Lizzie Fane Lizzie Fane, Oct 24th 2015, 19:54 Verified Guru

Have a think about what you want to do as a career - or at least what you'd like to try out! Then contact Spanish companies in that industry. Apply speculatively - don't wait for a job post on a jobs board - just email the Spanish company with your CV and how you think you can help them. You speak fluent English and understand social media, so you might be in a position to bring them new English-speaking clients and customers! In that sense, helping a funded startup could be a good way to go, as they need all the help they can get! Or consider digital marketing companies, advertising, travel/tourism, accommodation - or companies you already know and love which have a Spanish office! 

In the meantime, check out for some fun opportunities for young people with global skills.

Good luck! :)

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