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Amy Smith Amy Smith, Jun 10th 2015, 15:29

It's super easy, there's no need to worry! Just walk into a bank and say 'ich möchte ein bankkonto eröffnen bitte'. Take a form of ID like a driving license or passport. You sign a form and get a bank card within a few days by post usually.  I personally went with sparkasse because their account was free for a year but I had a friend who went with raffeisen and she paid four euros a month or something. Just go with whoever has a branch close to you. A lot of German banks make you pay to have an account with them for some reason. I had absolutely zero problems with sparkasse though, they were great. 

With regard to changing euros into pounds, I put pounds on the Thomas Cook cash passport and could withdraw the euros at any cash machine in Europe. I hate to sound like an advert but this was great for the first month or two as if I wanted I could have deposited the euros into my sparkasse account. It was also safer because then I didn't have to carry 1000 euros round with me or leave loads of money in my flat. I hope this helps!

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Ideally, you'd get on with arranging both as soon as possible but you might need to use your UK cash card to get money from a bank machine for a deposit or take cash with you from the UK. Obviously using the card is safer!

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What are some good websites to find accommodation in Germany?

Have you tried this one: It is generally thought to be very good indeed, and German students tend to use it a lot.

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Anyone got any tips for getting round the needing a bank account to rent a flat but needing an address to have a bank account?

I got my bank account first and used my schools address for that, then I used  my bank and my schools address on the rental agreement for the flat. I updated them to the official address of my flat afterwards. 

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Can anyone recommend a French bank?

I got a student account with BNP Paribas - it was so easy and it also provided me with room insurance, which is compulsory in France. Just make sure to take all your documents with you - passport, proof of French address, proof of student status...

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Hi, I taught English to adults in a teaching college in Vienna 2 years ago and although it was quite daunting at first, it was an incredible experience. I'm currently living in Wolfsburg in Germany and the demand for English teachers/tutors is...

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