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We've had a great thread on homesickness recently with lots of useful advice that should be helpful, as well as a slightly older thread on the subject.

There is also a fantastic article on about doing the year abroad as an introvert.

Hope that helps and good luck!

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Zoe Taylor Zoe Taylor, Jul 28th 2015, 14:37

Get out AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. Erasmus events, Couchsurfing events, the gym, workshops ANYTHING. I know you feel awkward and the first couple of times you would rather be snuggled up on Skype in your appartment, but I really can't emphasise this enough. Grit your teeth through the first few events and eventually it will become enjoyable and normal as you meet people and relax a bit more. You'll feel worse wallowing in your appartment I promise, give it a go! :) 

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