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Fiona Scott Fiona Scott, Jun 10th 2015, 10:56

I took out a Kantonal Bank account here because they were the only ones who took my paper residence permit before my real one came and I needed to open it quickly. I was also told Post Finance are cheap but they wouldn't take my paper permit.

KB set me up with a student account with a debit and credit card which also gave me discounts in places like mcdonalds and free open air cinema tickets!

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This comes from Noémie Neighbour on Facebook:

"Post office in Switzerland - everyone has one. Watch out for charges if you don't have a minimum amount of money in it. You will probably also need your passport and proof of residency documents to open one. BTW you need to register with the town you're moving to within 14 days of arriving (contrôle des habitants)."

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