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Hi Freddie,

There's a section on dedicated to accommodation in France, which might be helpful.

Sorry that we can't give any Nice-specific advice but hope that helps!

The TYA Team

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How to find accommodation in Paris?

Leboncoin is a good website, not too dissimilar from Gumtree :) if you are going to be studying/a language assistant it might be worth signing up to a Facebook group and asking if anyone wants to join you and share an apartment, it works out...

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What is the best way to find accommodation in Spain? is definitely the best website to use when looking for accommodation in Spain. There is also which was quite helpful, and EasyPiso as well, except you have to pay for that one in order to see anything at all other than...

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What's better to do first - accommodation or bank account?

Ideally, you'd get on with arranging both as soon as possible but you might need to use your UK cash card to get money from a bank machine for a deposit or take cash with you from the UK. Obviously using the card is safer!

Aug 9th 2014, 17:01 | 2 answers

Is it better to find accommodation once you are there?

It all depends on personal preference. I, personally, am a complete stresshead so I would never have been able to go to Italy without having found a room beforehand, however it did mean that I had to go on the word of facebook and photos and that...

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What are some good websites to find accommodation in Germany?

Have you tried this one: It is generally thought to be very good indeed, and German students tend to use it a lot.

Aug 12th 2014, 11:22 | 1 answer

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