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Charlotte Charlotte, Apr 9th 2015, 12:02 Verified Guru

Hi there, thanks for your question on EU Careers, great to hear you are interested in applying. 

If you are interested in pure translation/interpreting you would have to wait for a specialist linguist concours that matches your languages. 

In terms of eligibility, you need a perfect command of one EU lang, and a thorough knowledge of at least 2 others (one of which must be EN, FR or DE). You also need a degree, but no specific translation qualifications are needed.

For interpreting in addition to the same language requirements above, you do need experience and/or qualifications in conference interpreting.

As a generalist you would not be in official translation/interpreting roles, rather as policy officers. However the nature of working in such a multilingual set of institutions will mean that you are often translating from one language to another.

Best of luck with your applications!

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