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Bogi Szabo Bogi Szabo, Dec 18th 2014, 11:53

We held a pub crawl where everyone had to dress up as their country :)

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What is Erasmus?

Erasmus enables you to study or work in another university in one of 32 other countries in Europe, as part of you degree course. You don't have to be doing a language course; students from all subject areas can take part, with many universities...

Jun 26th 2014, 9:23 | 2 answers

Has anyone ever failed an exam on Erasmus?

It's a common problem! If you fail the re-takes you simply don't get the credits. You will still be able to get your attendance certificate, though.Good luck with the re-takes!

Aug 11th 2014, 14:56 | 3 answers

How much is the Erasmus grant for a year in Paris? How much will it cover?

You should receive 400 Euro per month and you should also be eligible for the usual student loans etc. The combination should provide you with enough to survive. The cost of living in Paris is about 25% cheaper than in London. If you want to earn...

Aug 12th 2014, 10:00 | 3 answers

What is the craziest / coolest thing you experienced on your year abroad?

Kissed the head of the English department at my leaving party (I was a language assistant) :/

Aug 12th 2014, 14:42 | 6 answers

Is it possible to do a second ERASMUS year?

I was in the same boat having just finished my German degree and really wanted to go back. My university (Chester) told me that the Erasmus funds only cover one 'work placement' and one 'study placement' abroad. As you've just graduated I don't...

Sep 20th 2014, 13:02 | 2 answers

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