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Ethan R Wilkinson Ethan R Wilkinson, Sep 5th 2014, 16:32

My wife came with me on my year abroad and she was pregnant and would be giving birth in Spain. Before we left family and friends would pass us articles from British newspapers and websites, such as the Daily Mail and the like, detailing how atrocious the Spanish healthcare system was and how every Brit was being conned into going to a private hospital rather than a state one; thereby making the coverage afforded by their EHIC cards null and void. In fact, one family member went as far to say that Spain provided a third world level of healthcare!

Healthcare in Spain is devolved to the regions, much like it is in the UK. So, I can't speak for the whole country, only the care we experienced in La Comunidad Valenciana, but it was outstanding. The staff were really helpful, caring and knowledgable. They were understanding of us being foreigners and even sourced helpful reading materials written in English for my wife who didn't speak Spanish. The hospital was brand new and all of the facilities were world class.

We were very impressed with the Spanish healthcare system and very grateful for the outstanding care we received. Obviously there were things that were different or that could have been improved, but isn't that true of the NHS in the UK?

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Florence Robson
Wow! Glad you ended up having such a good experience!

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