Ethan Wilkinson, Cardiff University

“TYA Answers is an indispensable platform for those who are thinking of studying/working abroad, those currently doing so and those who have just got back. Who better to answer your ERASMUS related questions than those who are and were ERASMUS students!”

Joachim Whaley, Professor of German History and Thought, University of Cambridge

“I found TYA Answers very easy to use and I thought some of the questions were typical of things that worry many students, so good answers would be helpful to many… I’ll certainly be recommending TYA Answers to our students”

Jenny Meehan, University of Exeter

"I've found the site completely invaluable myself as an outlet for my post-year abroad blues. By being able to share my experiences it allows me to keep them alive in my memory and makes my year abroad an even more unforgettable experience. 

I think that what you have all created is an absolutely fantastic idea; I feel sad that it wasn't available for me before I went on my year abroad because I know it would have been such a help. It is an incredibly easy site to use, I especially like the tagging feature which makes it very easy to find specific questions/answers that one may be in need of. As I did my year abroad in Italy, the "Italian" and "Italy" tags make it easy for me to help other students who may be on their way there, or completely prospective students that haven't decided yet.

I wish the TYA Answers site all the best, and I hope it continues as it does because it truly is a fantastic resource for students participating on their years abroad."

Lauren Stevens, University of Chester

"I remember how I was feeling this time last year and I really want to reach out and help others who may be feeling the same... I think the website is so great, I wish I'd seen it before I went abroad."

Boglarka Szabo, University of Leeds

"I think TYA Answers is a really great website, I only wish it had existed when I was about to go on my year abroad! 

I find it really easy to use, very user friendly and clear. It's a great resource for students to get clear answers, and avoid the need to sift through a lot of year abroad information to find the answer to their specific question. It's also reassuring to see that other people have been through the same situation as them."

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