Thank you so much to everyone who participated in our Mental Health Q&A Day yesterday! 

Over 1,000 of you logged on to ask, answer and discover questions on welfare-based topics, including dealing with anxiety, how to tell if a friend or family member has depression and how best to support them, misgendering and coping strategies for severe homesickness.

We were so grateful to have the support of Dr Nicola Byrom of the charity Student Minds and of the LGBT charity PACE

The support on Twitter and Facebook was also overwhelming; our hashtag #TYAmentalhealth had a reach of 50,000 and many of you expressed your gratitude for the opportunity to speak out.



  • 1,000 people logged on to ask, answer and discover during the day
  • Over half of the visitors on the day were new users
  • The questions on TYA Answers have been viewed almost 45,000 times
  • Users visited from Europe, Asia, North and South America, Australasia and Africa, demonstrating the incredible spread of UK students across the globe!

A taster of the questions:

The questions and answers collected yesterday will stay on TYA Answers for present and future year abroaders to use as a resource. We really hope that the day was helpful for you all.

The TYA Team

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