How do I ask a question?

To ask a question, click on the large ‘Ask’ on the homepage, or on ‘Ask a question’ in the header. This will then take you to a form you can fill in, divided into three sections. In the first box, write your question. Then, in the second box, provide a few more details about your question, so that users can provide you with the most relevant answer. Thirdly, tag your question with the topics that best describe it. For example, if you were asking about finding accommodation in Paris, you might tag your question with ‘Paris’, ‘Accommodation’ and ‘France’. Finally, you can choose to publish your question under your name or anonymously, by ticking the box marked ‘Ask this question anonymously’. You are now ready to ask your question! All you have to do is sit back and wait for someone to answer it!

What are tags?

Tags are small links that allow your question to be grouped with similar questions on TYA Answers. Each tag relates to a specific topic. For example, common tags on TYA Answers are ‘Erasmus’, ‘Internship’, ‘Travel’ and ‘Accommodation’. Once you have tagged your question, it will be much easier for other users to find and answer it! Tags also allow you to see what are the most popular topics on the site. 

How do I answer a question?

To answer a question, click on the large ‘Answer’ on the homepage, or on ‘Open questions’ under ‘Quick Links’ on the left hand side of the page. This will take you to a list of unanswered questions that you can choose to answer! Simply click on your chosen question and write your answer in the box below. You can choose to answer under your name or anonymously, by ticking the box marked ‘Answer anonymously’. When you are ready, click the ‘Add Answer’ button. Your answer will appear underneath the question!

Can I answer a question that has already been answered by someone else?

Yes, you can! The more contributions, the better, especially if you feel that you have something to contribute that hasn’t been covered in any previous answers. Simply click on any question, and write your answer in the box, as you would for an unanswered question. 

What kind of information can I share on TYA Answers?

TYA Answers encourages you to use your answers to share as much information as possible about your experiences studying or working abroad! However, please don’t forget that this is a Q&A platform. Please keep your answers relevant to the question you are answering and try not to wander off topic. If there is something else you would like to discuss, ask or answer another question! Please be polite and friendly; malicious, mean or obscene behaviour may result in the termination of your TYA Answers account without warning. For more information, please see our Community Guidelines.

How does the voting system work?

The voting system is used to help users to see the most useful and relevant answers to a particular question. Voting an answer up marks that answer as well-written, informative and appropriate to the question. However, voting an answer down is a way of indicating that the answer is irrelevant, unhelpful or inappropriate in some way. To vote an answer up or down, simply click on the appropriate arrow to the left of the answer.

Can I promote or advertise a particular company/product in my answer?

As student users, we welcome you to share any company, website or product that you have found particularly useful during your year abroad. Unfortunately, however, we cannot allow companies to advertise through the Q&A platform. If you would like to advertise on, please contact us.

How will I know when my question has been answered?

You will receive an email from TYAAnswers when someone has responded to your question. You can then click through and read the answer! If you would like to say thank you to the person who has responded, simply write them a brief message in the box below their answer. However, we would ask that you post any follow-up questions as a separate question, to avoid a long thread beneath the original post. TYAAnswers is a Q&A forum, not a chatroom!

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